HAUNTED: A Cursed Appalachian Tarot Deck

Created by Genevieve Barbee-Turner

Add on a tarot deck! Each tarot deck has silver gilded edges and comes in a magnetic closure box and includes one guidebook that fits into the tarot box. The guide includes stories that inspired the cards and meanings of each card. **Due to fluctuating global shipping rates, we will be charging shipping fees at a later date. Your payment information is required to complete your survey.
We will keep you updated through Kickstarter Updates for when shipping fees will be applied to your pre-order. Thank you for your understanding!**

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Quick Update!
6 months ago – Tue, Jun 06, 2023 at 04:51:15 PM

Flatwoods Monster (Underdrawing) Braxton County, WV


This is Genevieve and I’m back from my much needed vacation ready to hit the ground running, (if a little jetlagged). 

  • Working on map mock ups for the BackerKit survey 
  • Finalizing the BackerKit survey
  • Finanlizing references and card details with “Become a Card” folks
  • Drawing my butt off (see the underdrawing of the Flatwoods Monster / King of Wands above)

A reminder about shipping costs: when the survey goes out we will be collecting your information but NOT charging you for shipping then. You WILL be charged for shipping when we fulfill decks (which will be later this year/ into early 2024). This is due to adding the new extrra items to the box which has changed the initial numbers I used for package demensions and estimated shipping fees. It will be more accurate what the final shipping costs will be closer to fulfillment. 

We will have a FREE local pick-up option here in Pittsburgh for locals!

If you have questions let me know!

Tarot Reading Add-on Update

Sarah has reached out to people who added-on tarot readings. If you haven’t heard from her, leave a comment here or email [email protected] and she will get you sorted.

Learn Tarot Add-on Update

We will schedule these when the decks have gone out later this year/early 2024. This will be more fun when you have the deck in your hands.


I will get the store open when I get the survey settled. I’m still new to BackerKit so I’m being really careful about how to get it all set-up.

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions!

- Genevieve

Backer Surveys & The Pre-Order Store
7 months ago – Wed, May 17, 2023 at 01:29:16 PM

Hello everyone!

Since my last update I've been vending at some events in Pittsburgh, working really hard on backer surveys and sorting out the new add-ons before I head out of town for two weeks. I wanted to send out an update before I go.

  • I figured out BackerKit! The survey is set up but since we added the maps, I need to create mock ups of what they each will look like so when you do your survey you have an idea of what you are ordering. Expect surveys in June. 
  •  SUPER IMPORTANT: When backer surveys go out you will NOT be charged for shipping. This is because with the new add-ons, I can't confirm the weight and package size. Don't worry, waiting is a good thing. The survey/pre-order store going up in June allows me to see how many items I'll need to create. Waiting to charge shipping allows me to only charge you exactly what it costs right before they hit the post office instead of an inflated guess which is the best I can do right now. I also have an option for FREE local pick-up here in Pittsburgh! You WILL be charged for shipping before items are fulfilled (late 2023/early 2024). International backers will be responsible for VAT/duty. If you have questions, leave a comment below or message me.  
  • There are other logistics around the design of the paper poster map that I am working to confirm. It is cheaper, more efficient, and eco-friendly to fit maps and tarot deck(s) all into the same box so they can go out in one shipment rather than shipping separately. I am working to either change the boxes a little bit or modify the size of the paper poster map so it can easily fold into the boxes for shipment.
  • I decided that I will be hand screen printing the tarot / alter cloth maps myself at Artist Image Resource in Pittsburgh's Deutschtown. Lately, I have been working on some other print projects there and love their space so much. (I started at 15 years old with screen printing and my BFA focus was painting, drawing, and printmaking so it's like going home!) I mentioned in my last update that I'll be purchasing fabric from FABSCRAP next month to print on.

I made a sharableGoogle map of all the locations of legends that will be on the map for you to check out. Yes, a lot is concentrated in Southwestern PA but I have about 13 cards earmarked for some more West Virginia and Ohio legends. 

If you are a backer who pledged for a single, double, or ten decks: 

  • You will get a poster map AND a cloth map with each tarot deck you ordered. Don't want both? In the survey you can chose if you just want the cloth map or just the poster, or none of them. You can also purchase extra if you would like as well.

If you are looking to pre-order:

  • You will be able to purchase either or both maps as add-ons. 

From now until June 2nd:

  • I will be out of the country on a planned trip and I'm looking forward to unplugging for a minute :) Don't worry though, I have my iPad with me and a 16 hour flight so the designs for maps and my work on the tarot cards continues! I don't stop, I can't stop!

While I am away, I am reachable via email ([email protected]) but there will be a delay. Sarah my research assistant will be available here to respond to comments and via email at [email protected].

Thank you all so much for your support, patience, and enthusiasm! It seriously means a lot and I am honored with your trust in bringing this cool little project to life.  <3


Drawing & Organizing :)
7 months ago – Sun, May 07, 2023 at 01:25:09 PM

Hello Tarot Fans!

Genevieve here with an update. We are waiting for the funds to clear but in the meantime we have been busy...

  • Sarah and I are meeting with each of our "Become A Card" models and collecting their reference images. I've included by first wave of (very basic) sketches at the end of this update.

  • We met with local historian Thomas White (author of several books about PA legends, archivist at Duquesne University, professor of history and PA folklore at La Roche College) to tie up loose ends. Most of our legend hunting is done but there's always a shuffle while working on 78 different images of what to include and where. I am checking and re-checking out tarot tracker and making sure that I'm happy with everything before releasing the full list to you all to check out. I want a lot of geographic and timeline diversity across the region and making extra sure the legends make sense for the cards we are placing them in. 

  • Based on the responses to the previous ask about extras I'm going to do a paper poster map AND a tarot cloth map featuring the locations of the legends in the deck. I will be using deadstock and/or reclaimed natural fabrics for the tarot cloth maps. This will likely result in each being a very unique printed piece as not all of them will be identical. You won't be able to chose the colors but I will make sure they look pretty rad :) I'm working with FABSCRAP to find some beautiful fabric to work on. They work to end commercial textile waste by recycling fabric and allowing artists like myself to shop their stock for cool projects like this!

  • Surveys will go out soon! There will also be a pre-order store up as well. 

I will be traveling on a pre-planned vacation from May 18th to June 2nd but Sarah will be around to answer questions and I will be checking email while I'm gone. (Don't worry I will also have my iPad with me and will be working on the deck as well.)

Thanks everyone! Enjoy these rough sketches.

Queen of Cups / Betty Knox Sketch (click picture for legend link)
Ten of Swords (Johnstown Flood/Clara Barton)
The Star / John Says Goodbye (personal haunting experience)

Gratitude 🖤
7 months ago – Wed, Apr 26, 2023 at 03:49:55 PM

It’s over and we really did it! Thank you all SO MUCH for helping this project come to life. There will be more updates to come but for right now, Sarah and I are taking a beat to breathe and enjoy the end of a successful campaign.

Your support of this project means we are free to focus on Haunted and making the best dang tarot deck possible.

If you funded the Become A Card option and haven’t gotten in touch yet about your card and chatting, please do! We want to get your references ASAP so I can complete the deck as soon as possible.

Now the most fun things begin! Backer survey is in the works and all the designing and drawing can continue in earnest!!

Be on the look out for more updates! I’m also planning on streaming a bit while I draw so we can chat about ghost stories while I make the cards :)

  • Genevieve

Questions for you about extras
7 months ago – Fri, Apr 21, 2023 at 05:50:11 AM

Hi! So we have made almost 160% of our goal which is... incredible. I have a list of thing to do with the extra funds and a few questions for you all about possible little add-ons that everyone would receive.

Things I do plan on doing:

  • Upgrading the deck box with silver foil. I already checked with the printer and it's a very manageable cost. I'm going to see about other bells and whistles as well (foil on the cards themselves maybe?)
  • Upgrading the shipping boxes to be more than not just in a regular brown box but something a little spookier...
  • Give a bonus to my research assistant who has been invaluable to this process and deserves some extra $$

Things I'm looking to add:

  • Stickers of cards/images from the deck (easy, low cost, doesn't add any real weight to packages) Any images you want? I bet you will say Mothman lol
  • Pins (I was thinking of an image from the cards, thoughts welcome but I feel like Mothman will also be popular here...) If you know of a solid manufacturer please let me know. I've found some but would love a recommendation. 
  • A printed map of all the locations of the stories in the deck. This would be folded to fit in the  box so not a fine art print but a nice poster.

These items are small enough that I don't see them effecting shipping costs drastically. I still need to iron out numbers but I'm not terribly worried. 

Thanks for your input!